Find an Outdoor School Near You

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Our friends at Outdoor School Shop (ODSS) have compiled this outdoor school directory for the United States and Canada as a service to our outdoor community. We know that there are a lot of parents eager to find an outdoor-oriented school for their children but are having trouble finding a resource that will allow them to browse thru options. This directory provides the solution! A tip for using the directory, just enter your zip code and select your region from the drop-down menu. 

This is the most comprehensive directory for children’s outdoor educational programs and schools in North America! Whether you have a toddler or a 10-year-old, you should be able to find a school here! If you’d like more information about what an outdoor school is and what they do, check out our Introduction to Outdoor Schools post.

Let us know if we missed a school or program that should be included. Also, let us know if you found an error. Email ODSS at theteam@outdoorschoolshop.com and revisions can be made.  Note that outerwear selection can be one of the most challenging aspects of starting down an outdoor education path but rest assured that ODSS has you covered with a comprehensive range of gear for all types of outdoor school programs.

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