We rounded up the highest-rated and most recommended kids’ winter boots on the market and put them to the test! And we’re sharing our recommendations for the best winter boots for kids with you! Leslie Alvis, an Ohio mom of four, let her kids put a dozen of the best winter snow boots through the wringer! She’s here with recommendations and reviews of how the boots stood up and what they liked about each pair.

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Best Kids' Winter Boots - tried and tested by real kids in real winter conditions

Best winter boots for kids

Every parent of an outdoorsy kid in a cold climate knows the battle to find a good pair of winter boots. They are absolutely essential for winter outdoor adventures. They have to be warm but not too heavy, tough but flexible, waterproof, and easy to put on (and stay on). You need winter boots that are affordable but good quality, that fit right now but also last at least one whole season. In short, finding a good winter boot that works for your child can be a daunting task! But don’t worry, we’ve done all the work for you in finding and reviewing kids’ winter boots.

Boots: See Kai Run Gilman /Photo: @sara_mccarty

Top recommendations for kids’ winter boots

Curious minds want to know (we want to know!), what are the best winter boots for kids? We polled the moms on our Creative Team, as well as our ambassadors and online communities for their top recommended kids’ winter boots. We collected all the answers and then put those recommendations to the test to find the best winter boots for kids. We put the boots through the wringer and tested them on real kids in real winter situations. We compiled all the info here for you in this post. So, here’s the scoop on the best winter boots for kids (alphabetical order): 

A note on kids’ boot sizing

Buying kids’ winter boots is tough. You want them to be roomy enough to accommodate thick wool socks and large enough to last through at least the whole season with room to grow. On the other hand, you don’t want too much extra room in the boot, which will simply add more struggles to getting your kids outside. If their feet are sliding around inside their boot, kids have an even harder time moving around in the mud, snow, and ice of winter. Also, I’ve learned the hard way that some kids will let the boot flop around as they walk if it’s too big, breaking holes in the side of any rubber boot.

Most websites offer careful sizing directions. Sizing varies from company to company, and sometimes even between boot styles. You might have to get out a measuring tape or ruler, but it’s worth the time to find out exactly what size your child needs. One sales representative told me to make sure to measure my child’s foot while they were standing up, with their foot flat on the ground. This ensures the most accurate measurement. Then add a little extra (one website recommended 1.5 cm) for growth, and you should have the right fit for your child’s winter boots.

Sorel boots

Boots: Yoot Pac by Sorel/Photo: Courtneyk @wildmigrationfamily

Big kids’ winter boot sizes

If you have kids that have reached double-digit ages, you may have already learned that kids’ shoe and boot sizes only go so far. My older children have been in adult shoe sizes long before they reached junior high. I’ve tried to include notes about the sizes available in the boots featured in this article. Some focus on small children, some on toddlers through little kids, and a few offer big kids sizing or identical boots in adult sizes.

playing in winter boots

Boot: Trek by Stonz

Lightweight boots help

It’s been my experience over the years that one of the biggest obstacles to getting small children outside in the winter isn’t the weather, but the gear. Both the process of putting it on and moving around in it feels absolutely overwhelming to little people. Not to mention all the extra challenges that come with trying to maneuver through snow and ice on short little legs.

So any winter boot that is easy to put on and lightweight/flexible enough for kids to move easily in wins my vote immediately! A number of the boots in this article score very high on the lightweight and flexible test, making them very easy for kids to wear in snow, ice, and slush. 

See Kai Run Winter Boots

Boots: Gilman by See Kai Run

Waterproofing needs

We’d all like to think that we can buy one style of winter boot that will meet all our kids’ winter needs! That fluffy, well-insulated snow boot that’s ideal for the far north may not work for every area. Some regions seem to spend the winter season in an endless fluctuation between snow, mud, ice, and puddles. If you live in one of them, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

A typical fabric snow boot with only a waterproof bottom just ends up soaked and covered in mud. That nice, soft interior fleece never dries out, and your kids’ feet are always damp. There’s no one perfect boot for every kid in every region and every weather. For this article, we’ve reviewed a variety of insulated winter boots for different climates and situations and made notations about what weather condition each style is best suited for. 

Stonz Boots

Boot: The West by Stonz

Quality does matter

Sometimes, as parents of growing kids, we buy the most reasonably priced gear we can find. After all, children are either going to wear it out or outgrow it very quickly. And while I’m all about buying inexpensive play clothes for kids, investing in good winter outerwear is really important.

If you spend any amount of time outside in the cold, you know how necessary it is to have warm gear. It’s especially essential for little people who don’t have the body mass that we adults do to help keep warm. And with winter boots, quality really does matter! Those little toes get so icy cold unless they have good quality, insulated boots. The general consensus is that cheaper boots are never as warm.

Over the last fifteen years of being a mom, I’ve learned that it’s worth the money to buy decent outdoor winter gear for my kids. This doesn’t have to break the bank—you can find good quality kids’ outerwear on sale, at thrift stores, in online marketplaces, and on eBay. You may have to get creative, especially if you’re dressing multiple kids for the cold, but it’s worth the effort and the investment. I’ve also learned that higher-quality gear is much more likely to last for more than one child, making it more justifiable to spend money on items that can be passed down from kid-to-kid. 

See Kai Run

Boot: Atlas by See Kai Run

Shopping sales

Shopping sales is a great way to get kids’ winter boots at a reasonable price. If you know what sizes your kids are going to need in the coming winter season, many companies offer excellent sales at winter’s end. Most of the boots featured here are up to 50% off by February.  I usually get stymied trying to figure out what sizes my kids for next winter will need that far in advance, so I’ve found myself shopping fall sales, like Black Friday. If you know what brand or model of boot you want, you can often watch for sales and get a good quality winter boot at a really good price.

Kuoma boots

Boot: Lumilukko by Kuoma

Featured boots

With all those thoughts in mind, let’s check out some of the best boots on the market for kids these days! The following boots cover a wide variety of purposes and styles, from warmly insulated tall rubber boots, to a fluffy lined barefoot shoe. Our team of outdoorsy moms let their kids put these boots to the test, and here’s what we think about this roundup of winter boots!

Polarn O Pyret Boots

Boots: Kavat from Polarn O Pyret

Polarn O Pyret Kavat*

Price range: $64

Size range: Toddler – little kid

This Swedish-made boot, distributed by Polarn O Pyret, is adorable, durable, and warm. The outer rubber layer is tough and well-made, with fully welded seams and using recycled materials. Anyone whose kids spend much time out in the mud knows how important it is to have a rubber boot that holds up! I can’t even count the number of boots we’ve had to throw away over the years because they split open at the seams.

The inner lining is a wool blend that is the softest, warmest boot liner I’ve ever felt. As a huge fan of wool for its unique body-regulating abilities, I was thrilled to see that the lining is 90% wool. These boots are warm, cute, and multi-purpose. Not only does the removable lining allow these boots to span the seasons, but it also helps the boot to grow with the child’s foot. I wish they made these in adult sizes!

*These boots were gifted to the author for review purposes. 

See Kai Run bootsBoots: Gilman by See Kai Run

See Kai Run Gilman and Atlas*

Price Range: $80

Size Range: Toddler—big kid

Marketed as “toddler shoes that just make sense,” See Kai Run was founded by a mom who wanted shoes to accommodate the healthy development of her son’s feet. She has built a line of footwear that meet that goal, in a variety of fun colors and styles. 

Our girls love their winter boots! They are a great choice for a lightweight, flexible, and easy on boot. The material is durable and waterproof on the outside, and soft and warm on the inside. They became instant favorites.

We love how they keep feet warm and dry, but aren’t heavy or clunky. The Velcro straps make them really easy to adjust snugly without being hard for kids to put on themselves. Both the taller Gilman boot and the Atlas short boot have been go-to footwear for my girls in all kinds of winter weather, and they’ve kept their feet warm and dry through snow, mud, and rain. This is the ideal boot for new walkers, toddlers and little kids. 

*These boots were gifted to the author for review purposes. 

Kids Kuoma bootsBoot: Reipas by Kuoma

Kuoma Lumilukko and Reipas*

Price Range: $83-$99

Size Range: Toddler–Adult

If you’re looking for a unique, quality snow boot that’s not only warm and lightweight but also remarkably waterproof, check out Kuoma boots. Made with almost 100 years of Finish craftsmanship behind them, Kuoma boots are built for outdoor adventures in cold climates. They are amazingly light and easy to get on and off, which adds to their appeal by simplifying getting kids outdoors.

Kuoma boots have not just one, but two removable insoles for warmth and comfort. The uppers of these boots are made with a lightweight and flexible material that is completely waterproof (like a waterproof leather type material). My kids were skeptical that a boot that wasn’t solid rubber could repel water…until they stuck their whole foot in the creek and watched the water run right off! We are truly impressed with these boots.

Kuoma’s most popular kids’ winter boot, the Lumilukko, is waterproof and rated for temperatures down to -22F/-30C. It comes in a large variety of bright, fun colors and patterns. The Reipas shares many of the same qualities, but is a lace-up version with bright reflective laces. 

After decades of being a European-only company, Kuoma is about to open stores in the US and make their high-quality boots readily available across the United States. Stay tuned for updated links and product availability in early fall 2023! 

*These boots were gifted to the author for review purposes. 

Kuoma waterproof boots

Boot: Lumilukko by Kuoma

kamik boots

Snowfall P2 by Kamik/Photo: @elizabethstarexplores

Kamik Snowfall P2

Price Range $75

Size Range: Older toddler—big kids

My daughter has been wearing her Kamik Snowfall P2 Winter Boots for two winters now, and we could not be happier with them! In two years of wearing these boots, we have never had a complaint about them from my four-year-old. They keep her feet warm and dry while skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and playing in snow. The inner linings do an excellent job wicking away moisture. The adjustable velcro strap keeps them snug. And the bungee cord closure on top keeps snow out to keep your child’s feet warm and dry. 

My daughter has worn her Kamik boots in the snow for hours at a time and her feet are always completely dry when she takes off the boots. They are also the perfect height: tall enough that her pants stay tucked into them but not so tall that she has trouble walking or running around. There is Velcro around the ankle and bungee at the top. This helps get the perfect fit and ensures no snow gets into the boots, but the boots are also easy to get on and off, even for my four-year-old on her own. Overall they have been the perfect winter boots for us!

Elizabeth Astrella @elizabethstarexplores

Editor’s note: Kamik has a wide variety of styles and colors, as well as a large size range, making them a great option when you’re looking for winter boots for older kids.

Lands End

Boots: Expedition by Lands End/Photo: Sara @midwestnomadfamily

Land’s End Expedition

Price range: $85

Size range: toddler–big kid

Lands End has long been synonymous with quality outdoor gear, and their snow boots are warm with thick padding inside. The Expedition comes with favorite features like a waterproof outer shell and good grips on the bottom. I like the zipper on the side that helps with getting them on and off quickly. My daughter also stayed completely dry, even climbing through the ice castles and snow tunnels for 90 minutes. She liked the fun color options and stylish design. They’re a great winter boot for keeping tiny toes warm and toasty. 

~Sara Lesire @midwestnomadfamily

Baffin boots

Boots: Young Hunter by Baffin

Baffin Young Hunter*

Price range: $60-80

Size range: older toddler–youth–men (there is a similar style in women’s boot options, the Storm)

The Young Hunter by Baffin is a sturdy, all-purpose boot for mud, water, and snow. The solid rubber construction means that it can take on whatever conditions your child will encounter all winter long, and the warm liner helps keep feet warm even in icy slush. I love that the very top of the boot has fabric with an elastic drawstring to cinch the opening tight.

This boot is a great find for families like ours, who spend our winters in a constant fluctuation between icy mud puddles and snow. Our kids need a tall rubber boot that’s able to withstand the rigors of maple syrup making in February and March. Our sugar bush has deep mud holes that easily come up over the top of many kids’ winter boots. Even though it’s muddy, the weather is still cold, so we need some sort of insulation to keep their feet from freezing during the long hours we spend gathering maple sap.

These sturdy boots have checked all the boxes for our warmth and waterproof needs.  The insulated liner is also removable and washable, which makes them multi-season rubber boots.

*These boots were gifted to the author for review purposes. 

Stonz the West

stonz rain boots

Boots: The West by Stonz 

Stonz West and Trek*

Price Range $67

Size Range: Toddler–Big Kid

Easily the cutest kids’ winter boots we’ve ever seen, the Stonz West neoprene boots are a great all-purpose winter boot. The waterproof bottom comes up past the ankle, while the fabric upper helps keep pant legs tucked in and dry. They’re perfect for snow, slush, and shallow puddles. They have enough insulation to keep little feet warm all winter in many areas–they’re rated for temperatures down to 5 degrees F.

The Stonz West boots have excellent treads on the bottom, helping kids’ feet grip even slippery surfaces firmly. Made with chemical-free rubber and eco-friendly materials, they’re good for both your little ones’ feet and the environment. This pair of boots come in a large variety of super cute colors and patterns.

The Trek by Stonz is a cozy, super lightweight snow boot for all your snow play needs. With a buckle, a Velcro strap, and an adjustable elastic band at the top, these warm boots keep the all snow out! They are easy to put on and fully lined with a removable, super-soft liner. They have waterproof bottoms, a water-resistant upper fabric, and a rated for temperatures as low as -58 degrees F!  With all those features, these cute and snuggly boots are perfect for all the snowy activities your winter can bring. 

*These boots were gifted to the author for review purposes. 

Stonz boots

Boot: The Trek by Stonz

Sorel Boots

Boots: Yoot Pac by Sorel/Photo: Courtneyk @wildmigrationfamily

Sorel Yoot Pac

Price Range: $90

Size Range: Little kid–big kid (similar styles available in adult sizes)

Winters in Maine, we are all into Sorels. They’re warm, waterproof, and quality to pass down from child to child. The Yoot Pac youth boot is waterproof and insulated with a removable liner to keep feet warm in even deep snow. Sorel even sells replacement liners to help increase the boot’s lifespan. These boots are perfect for snow day adventures through heavy snowfall, and are an excellent choice if you want a boot that will last a long time. The one disadvantage of this durable boot is that they are a little on the heavy side.

~Courtneyk Cronin @wildmigrationfamily

Vivobarefoot boots

VivoBarefoot Kids Lumi

Price Range: $100-125

Size Range: Toddler–Kids–Youth

Have you been hunting for a “minimalist” or “barefoot-style” boot? If so, you have to check out the Vivobarefoot Kids Lumi. The shoes are wide and flexible but still have great traction and insulation. But too, and maybe most importantly when it comes to kiddo shoes, the boots are incredibly durable.

After months of near-constant wear at forest school and beyond (including Thanksgiving dinner), these boots still look brand new.

My kid has put them to the test stomping through the icy shallows of cold mountain creeks and scrambling up trees. At no point has she complained that her feet were cold or wet. It took me three years to find the perfect barefoot kiddo boot. Now that I have, I foresee more pairs of these kids winter boot in our future! Maybe they come in mama sizes too?!

~Somer Pickel @somerpickel

saguaro winter shoes

Saguaro Defender winter shoe

Saguaro Defender*

Price Range: $80

Size Range: Toddler-big kids

If you’re looking for lightweight winter footwear that isn’t exactly a boot, but will keep your kids’ feet warm through winter playground and hiking activities, check out this insulated barefoot shoe from Saguaro! With a splash-resistant outer material and warm fleece lining, this is a great alternative to a heavy boot when all you need is a lightweight shoe. We love how flexible and comfy the rubber soles are, while still offering warmth and some water protection. They give kids’ feet that barefoot feel during winter play without cold feet.

*These boots were gifted to the author for review purposes. 

Bogs Classic II no handle camo

Bogs Classic II

Price range: $90

Size range: Toddler – big kid

If you’re looking for the most rugged durable waterproof boot, check out the Bogs Classic II boots. These boots provide great traction for tromping through the mud and snow, plus, a wide toe box for thick wool socks and room to grow. They are heavy, so they’re better for older kids. My son (age 10) wears these for hunting, playing in the snow, fishing, hiking, and more. They’ve lasted longer than any other boot we’ve tried, and we’re been impressed with their durability. Bogs offers boots in baby sizes through adults (men and women). They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, styles, and price points. 

Sara McCarty @sara_mccarty


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